Bauer, G.教授

【研究概要】Bauer, G. 教授

Polarization caloritronics for heat management

Spin caloritronics is a lively field that studies the spin degree of freedom in thermoelectric and thermomagnetic phenomena, such as the spin Seebeck and spin Peltier effects in magnetic materials and devices [1]. We recently studied the option to replace magnets by ferroelectrics [2], i.e. the electron magnetic moment or spin by electric dipoles and spin waves or magnons by polarization waves or ferrons [3-5]. We predicted polarization Seebeck and Peltier effects as in Fig 1. Another observable is the electric field-dependent heat conductance observed recently by the Ohio State University group, finding good agreement of measurements with theory [6]. This device could be used a heat switch. 

Fig. 1(Left panel) A voltage biased ferroelectric capacitor. (Right panel) A temperature bias over the capacitor leads to a polarization current and polarization accumulation on the scale of the polarization relaxation length that can be measured as a dc thermovoltage [2].
Fig. 2A temperature gradient over the interleaved pile made from interleaved films of silver and the ferroelectric PZT leads to the heat current Jq. The heat conductivity k turns out to be modulated by the applied voltage and polarization P which is evidence for ferrons [6]. The right panel illustrates the good agreement between observations and model calculations (red line) for  where E is the electric field.

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